Applied Teaching, Learning and Research

Universities of applied sciences represent a highly successful development in German higher education. Clearly structured courses, state-of-art laboratories and equipment going along with individual teaching in small learning groups provide excellent study conditions. While focusing on practical methods of education, students gain also hands-on experience during their studies, internships are integrated parts of the study courses. Close links to industry and companies guarantee an up-to-date practice orientated learning setting. As a result, graduates are very well prepared for the labour market and will find excellent career prospects.            

Each member university of applied sciences emphasizes strongly the development of international co-operation by establishing a high number of mutually agreed partnerships with universities and institutions worldwide. The collaboration is relate to a broad range of areas such as student and staff exchange, double degrees, summer schools and research activities. This network enables students to gain international experience and intercultural competencies during their studies. International students are very welcome as the members of the alliance offer an increasing number of English taught courses in technical fields. As an integral part of their internationalization strategy, special measures were introduced to create an international campus atmosphere.                  

The approach of research and development conducted at universities of applied sciences is very much application and product orientated. Applied research deals with solving practical problems and is about transferring knowledge and technology to the main target groups, companies and industry. Students are very often involved in research activities and gain researched based skills during their studies.