Privacy Policy

Please note that the following procedure guidelines apply when accessing our webpages:

Every time you access the website or open a file, the following data is documented in a protocol file, for statistical purposes and in order to guarantee a smooth operation:

  • retrieved URL
  • IP address of the Hs-Proxies / in the case of computers within the Hs network, the computer's IP address
  • date and time of access
  • returned fault message if retrieval was not successful
  • size of answer in bytes
  • An evaluation of these dates in order to draw up individual user profiles is excluded.

The client does not require Java Script in order to use the webpages of Hawtech.

The University does not accept any responsibility or liability for any content of pages outside the Hs website. This holds also if external pages are associated with the HsKA website by links (cf. also statement on Legal Notice).

Piwik Tracking

Use of Cookies

On the homepage and several other pages, publicity messages are displayed, for which cookies are used. The cookies used are exclusively session cookies (20 minute validity) and temporary cookies (up to 30 days validity), which are used to evaluate the number of readers/visitors and to restrict the fixed number of publicity delivered to the Hawtech.

No user-related data is gathered via the cookies. Via the web-server of the responsible institution, only the traffic data of the transmission is documented in the logfiles of the web-server (user data according to §6, paragraph 1, no. 1 TTDSG and § 15, paragraph 1, no. 1 MDSTV), the documentation of which is permissible without express consent of the user.

When pages are accessed for which a login is required, a session cookie is set which is deleted again from the client's computer after the end of the browser session. Therefore it is impossible to link the information captured to the identity of the user or to draw up a user profile. The login process on accessing protected areas is not documented, neither is data which might serve to draw up profiles on the duration and frequency of visits to the Hawtech webpages.