Member universities


The universities of applied sciences involved in HAWtech provide students with first-class, innovative and varied opportunities to study and gain vocational qualifications. The exceptional quality of the teaching is based on its highly practical focus; students are involved in research activities and there is a strong emphasis on international perspectives. All the universities offer an infrastructure which is extremely modern and of a very high quality. Varied co-operation projects with renowned regional and international companies as well as with recognised research institutions are a trademark of HAWtech universities and connect theory closely to practice.  
Students receive an excellent training in key qualifications and interdisciplinary competences. The goal-oriented teaching of specialist knowledge, methodological and sociocultural  competences makes graduates of the Alliance universities highly sought-after engineers.

In the last ten years, the HAWtech universities have been able to adjust to the demands of the Bologna Process with a high degree of success and all achieve top positions in national university ranking systems. Their Bachelor’s degree programs are recognised as professional qualifications and the Master’s degree programs comprise a further important component in the Bologna Process. In this way, suitable graduates receive the opportunity undergo advanced specialist training.

More information can be found at the respective websites of member universities: